Four Unusual Uses Recycled Cardboard Can Be Put To


Recycled cardboard is a versatile and eco-friendly material that has much more to offer beyond its initial function, typically for packaging or carrying products. As more and more Americans strive to become more sustainable, so cardboard recycling has taken off in the country. Indeed, along with paper recycling, cardboard recycling services are common throughout the US these days. Due to the amount of cardboard recycling that now goes on, some innovative uses of the material have emerged. Find out more about some of the lesser-known uses for recycled cardboard that cardboard and paper recycling service providers now deliver.

1. Cardboard Furniture 

Yes, you read that right. Furniture made out of recycled cardboard is not only sturdy but also lightweight, making it an innovative option for sustainable living. With a bit of creativity and the right design, chairs, tables, shelves, and even bed frames can be made from layered and glued cardboard. This eco-friendly furniture is an excellent alternative for temporary setups or event decor. It's also ideal for people who frequently move, as cardboard furniture is easy to dismantle and transport from one location to the next.

2. Gardening Aids

Recycled cardboard can play a significant role in your garden. For example, shredded cardboard can be utilized as an excellent mulch, helping to retain moisture and deter weeds. Moreover, flat pieces of cardboard can be used for sheet composting or as a weed barrier in raised beds. Cardboard planters are another ingenious idea that some manufacturers make from old supplies. Because they are biodegradable, they promote a healthier root system for your plants as they decompose.

3. Low-Cost Insulation Material

Though not a substitute for professional insulation materials, cardboard can provide good a degree of thermal insulation due to its corrugated structure. This structure creates pockets of air, which help reduce heat transfer. Therefore, some cardboard recycling centers use the material for insulating outbuildings, pet homes, or older dwellings where installing conventional insulation materials may be inappropriate.

4. Emergency Shelters

The aforementioned insulating properties of cardboard also make it a strong option for making temporary emergency shelters. In many disaster-struck zones where buildings may be unsafe to re-enter, the ability to provide people with simple, foldable cardboard shelters can be life-saving. Recycled cardboard structures have been used as an immediate solution to provide protection from the elements. Some disaster relief agencies turn to cardboard recycling centers to provide them with the material they need to manufacture such temporary, fold-up shelters.

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20 June 2023

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