Scrapping Copper? Know How To Sort It Into The Different Categories


Do you have a lot of copper that you are looking to take to a scrap yard, but are not aware of the different categories that it needs to be sorted into? Here is what you need to know to get the most value from your scrap copper by sorting it properly. Bare Bright The most valuable type of copper that you can scrap is known as bare bright copper. As the name implies, this copper is not going to have any other material attached to it and will be as bright as a shiny penny.

9 November 2021

What Should You Do With Leftover Paint?


If you operate a busy painting company, you may have numerous cans of leftover paint in your storage room or building. You may want to place the opened cans of paint in the trash before they become too old to reuse in the future. You want to think twice before you discard your old paint in the trash. Your old paint may be hazardous waste. Learn why and how to discard your leftover paint below.

23 June 2021