Are You Cleaning Up Your Garage?


Are you simply embarrassed for people who come to your house to look at your garage? Perhaps if you drive folks to your home, you use the front entrance so that they won't even have to go through the garage to get into the house. Or, it might even be that you are sick and tired of looking at your garage in its present state. From collecting scrap metal for recycling purposes to adding new shelves for storage, here are some ideas that might help you to have the well-organized garage you have been wanting for a long time.

Scrap Metal RecyclingIs part of the problem in your garage the fact that you have used it as a work area for doing things like working on cars? Part of the problem might even be that your kids' old bikes never got taken to a charity organization and now they are old, maybe even rusty. Do yourself and your family a huge favor by gathering all the old metal in your garage and taking it to a scrap metal facility where it can be recycled.  

Not only will your garage look a lot nicer, but you might even get some cash from the delivery of your scrap metal. In fact, find out from your HOA manager if there is a day that scrap metal is picked up right in your neighborhood. If so, have it ready on that day and plan the garage cleaning for the same day, too.

Organizing Your Stuff - Think of other ways you can make your garage look nice. For example, consider buying transparent plastic storage containers that can hold things like holiday decorations and craft supplies. Consider putting a magnetic strip on one of the walls that can hold things like metal hand tools. Do you already have a tool chest? If not, consider buying one for some of your smaller hand tools and for things like nails, screws, and other hardware you use every now and then.

If you have been keeping things like your lawnmower and gardening supplies in the garage, consider buying a small shed that can store those items, thus relieving the garage of things you need, but that adds clutter. And, as far as clutter goes, do your kids just leave their present bikes on the floor of the garage or leaning against the wall? If so, consider buying a rack where the bikes can be stored. 


6 November 2018

what can you do with recyclable materials?

Recycling goes well beyond tossing your plastic bottles and aluminum cans in bins separate from your un-recyclable trash. Every little bit counts when it comes to recycling. Maybe it is time for you to consider going beyond traditional recycling in your home. You can take things that would otherwise end up in salvage yards or landfills and make something truly spectacular out of them. My site is filled with great ideas for using your "trash" to create things like wall art, furniture, children's entertainment items, and much, much more. You can save money on things that you would otherwise have to buy and have fun creating your own stuff out of recyclable materials.