Scrapping Copper? Know How To Sort It Into The Different Categories


Do you have a lot of copper that you are looking to take to a scrap yard, but are not aware of the different categories that it needs to be sorted into? Here is what you need to know to get the most value from your scrap copper by sorting it properly. Bare Bright The most valuable type of copper that you can scrap is known as bare bright copper. As the name implies, this copper is not going to have any other material attached to it and will be as bright as a shiny penny.

9 November 2021

What Should You Do With Leftover Paint?


If you operate a busy painting company, you may have numerous cans of leftover paint in your storage room or building. You may want to place the opened cans of paint in the trash before they become too old to reuse in the future. You want to think twice before you discard your old paint in the trash. Your old paint may be hazardous waste. Learn why and how to discard your leftover paint below.

23 June 2021

4 Easy Ways To Take Care Of A Grease Trap


If you run a commercial kitchen, you more than likely have a grease trap installed to catch all the grease and junk that goes through your kitchen's pipes. In addition to scheduling regular professional cleaning of your grease trap, there are numerous steps you can take in your kitchen to reduce the rate that your grease trap fills up and to prevent your grease trap from smelling poorly. 1. Scrape Scrapes Off Plates

23 December 2020

Planning Your First Trip To A Scrap Yard? 4 Tips For Success


If you've never been to a scrap yard, you don't know what you're missing. Scrap yards are a great way to make money from your old metal. Before you head to the scrap yard though, there are some things you need to know. First, scrap yards can be dangerous places. To avoid injuries, make sure you wear sturdy shoes and bring a pair of gloves along. Second, scrap yards are often busy places.

13 July 2020

Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Old Electronics Without Just Throwing Them Away


If you have a lot of old electronics that you have not wanted to throw out because you felt as though it might be a waste, you will want to continue reading as there are ways you can finally get rid of that stuff in a productive way. Read through the following tips to see which you want to use. If you have a lot of old electronics saved up from over the years, you might spread them out by taking them to a few different locations.

24 February 2020

Ferrous Steel Recycling Services And Recycled Iron


Ferrous steel and similar materials are defined by their iron content. Wrought iron is a ferrous metal and so is carbon steel. Many people will be more familiar with stainless steel, which is a particularly important ferrous metal. When ferrous steel is recycled, the professionals involved will try to isolate the iron.  Recycling Services Will Focus Primarily on the Iron in Ferrous Metals When They Recycle These Materials The fact that iron is magnetic has always made it relatively easy to recycle the metals that are made with large quantities of iron.

6 November 2019

Five Things You Need To Know About Disposing Of Aerosol Cans


Businesses and individuals needing to dispose of aerosol cans on a regular basis need to understand their responsibilities and be aware of the hazards that are potentially involved. The following are five things you need to know about disposing of aerosol cans to meet guidelines and attain safety standards.  Aerosol cans qualify as hazardous waste on the basis of their being pressurized. Aerosol cans need to undergo special disposal proceedings regardless of what substances they contain.

3 July 2019